Car-Detector-Oil-Consumption Speedometer Mirror Hud KMH Head-Up-Display Car-Speed-Projector

    Car-Detector-Oil-Consumption Speedometer Mirror Hud KMH Head-Up-Display Car-Speed-Projector Specification & Description Summary

    Car-Detector-Oil-Consumption Speedometer Mirror Hud KMH Head-Up-Display Car-Speed-Projector Specification

    • Brand NameEANOP
    • OriginCN(Origin)
    • Wire or WirelessWired
    • Size Name77MM


    FREE LOCAN RETURNWith Mirror Projector, more clear, More shine, no need to put film protectorUpdated IC , keep working longer time and compatiable for more carsSmart Size, Easy to install, put any whereIf With Swith cable, can power off it manually any timeWarrentte time will be longer


    SpecificaitonsBrand: EANOPProduct Name: Mirror Smart HUD Head up (Mirror HUD)Item Number: M20 (Mirror HUD 02)Speed display Unit: KPM,KMH (Exchangable)Display data: Speed, Clock, Oil consumption, RPM, Water temperatureAlarm for : Over-speed. Over RPM, Engine error.Connection: OBD 2 Port (Connect with car OBD Port)Discription about the oil consumption: the HUD display "instant oil consumption," the instant oil consumption will be changed base on brake and throttlePacking:1X HUD Headup1X OBD Cable1X Manuel1X Tool2X adhensive tap

    So easy to Install:

    Just only connect the HUD with your car OBD port, Installation is finished

    Why Chose EANOP?

    1: Expierence:

    EANOP has produced and branded HUD since 2010. Around 10 years reserching & Producing HUD head up display

    2: Quality:

    EANOP Product material and IC, Chose the better safty material, and Hight quality IC controll, Keeping the HUD work & Safe while installing on your car , Anti-fire, Anti-high temperature


    EANOP brands has registered in many countries

    Local Free Return Warrenty:

    Aliexpress Offer free Local Return with any reasons for the following reasions:(USA, Canada, Austrilia,Unite Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany. Russia)

    How to make " Local free return " ?

    1 ) Chose the reason rightly :

    I want to applay for : Returns Goods Reason for Refund request: Easy Local Returning(Kindly note: if you chose other reasons, then no free return, you need to pay the shipping back cost)

    2) Return back the product with limited time

    After you applay the local free return, Platform will give you a lable, you could use the lable and send back the product by local post to aliexpress's local warehouse

    3) Aliexpress will refund you money back

    After you send it back to aliexpress's local warehouse, you will get refund around 7-15 days

    Notice before Ordering:

    1: The HUD designed for Gasoline cars in OBD2 International Standard cars, The Diesel cars can not compatiable with, because diesel car has different car computer with Gasoline cars. If your car is Diesel ,Electronics or Hybrid cars, you could buy GPS version : Pls dobule check whether your car is OBD2 International Standard. The cars which produced After the year 2008 are normally OBD2 Standard(Such as produced in the year 2008.2009.2010....2018). Pls do not make order if your car is before year 2008, such as, Produced in 2007.2006.2005.......3: The HUD maybe not compatiable with Mitsubishi cars, Electric cars (Because the electronics cars are not in OBD2 International standard Notice: If your car is OBD2, but can not display correctly, then need to set HUD to read data from your car Computer. The HUD is a displayer, what Car computertransfer to HUD, then what data display on HUD. So if your HUD can not display correctly, pls contact with us before open dispute, thanks

    F & Q

    1: The HUD speed is faster than my car Speed, How can I set it ? A: Can adjust HUD speed lower on Column 0. 2: Why alarm if speed Over 120KM, How can I set it ? A: 120KM alarm is factory setting, you could set the alarm From 30 to 199KM on Column 5th3: My Car is Stop & Go car, Why HUD power off when I wait traffic light? A: You could set "Power off" mode in Coloumn 18th, set the number into 4 4: When I connect the HUD, The engine light is on, Dose that mean HUD damage my car ? A: It is not that HUD damage the car, it is data transfering problems, you could use HUD to clean the light Process: Put car power "on". Connect HUD, When HUD power off , Entering into setting , and set Column 24th into "0"5: Why HUD only display Voltage Battery, No speed display A: The HUD can not read your car Datas . can try Lock agreement by HUD. Check what is the Number in Column 17th, and change it same with in Column 25th. if still not working, pls contact with EANOP Team services

    Product Details
    Car-Detector-Oil-Consumption Speedometer Mirror Hud KMH Head-Up-Display Car-Speed-Projector

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